AGPtek 200 LED, 72 feet Solar String Light Review

Solar String 200 LEDs - 72 FeetString lights are best way to show off when it comes to celebrate any occasion at your home.

However buying the best illumination at an affordable price is a bit hard, especially when it comes to selecting the solar power string lights.

When you buy solar strings you won’t have to think about electricity to power up the lights all you have to do is install and forgot and feel enjoyment when you look at your home with twinkle lights illumination your yard.

AGPtek solar powered lights are here for you to make your holiday season more enjoying and fill with lights.

AGPtek has definitely made its name in the solar powered LED light.

While there are other brands and models on the market, there is no other brand that provides the best quality solar powered string lights for indoor & outdoor at an affordable price.

These AGPtek solar powered white colored 200 LED string lights are good for both indoor and outdoor illumination. LEDs can glow for 8 hours a day when fully charged during the day.

It’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the rain and can easily be moved as it doesn’t need any wiring making it portable and easy to use in yard. You can use on trees, fence wall, entrance door etc.

When you put it on trees it makes really beautiful scene and feels like hundred tiny lights showering on the trees glowing whole nights they look absolutely magical in the night.

There are various lights modes built into the systems, it can be set to flashing, glimmering and can be set as steady on you can set it as per your requirement.

How to Install AGPtek String Light

  • Put the stake onto the tube at the back.
  • Find a place for the lights with clear and full exposure to the Sun, make sure the solar panel faces right to the noon sun, so that panel gets fully charged and you get long hours working lights
  • Insert the pole into the ground. If the ground is too hard, do not twist or hammer the pole with force, if you do so you may damage the product.
  • There is a 3-way-switch at the back of the light – middle position for OFF, left and right position is for blinking or steady-ON.
  • Before you start using these lights, make sure you expose solar panel to the Sun for one or more days to fully charge the batteries. Push the switch to ON, the string light is ready to work automatically after sunset.

Specifications of AGPtek String Light

  • 200 LEDs, auto sensor controls lighting & recharging
  • Light Modes: Flashing/Glimmering & Steady ON
  • Light color: White
  • Charging time in sunshine: more than 6 hours
  • Overall Dimension: Approx 21M (72 feet)
  • Package included: 1 solar string light, 100 LEDs, 1 ground spike
  • Waterproof, suitable for indoor & outdoor
  • Dimension:
    Panel to 1st bulb approx 200cm
    Between bulbs 15cm
    Solar panel 6.5 * 5cm
    Ground Spike 17.5cm

To Conclude the Review

This solar string lights are great to buy compared to other string lights available in the market, this included 200 LEDs in the packet where as others string lights are only providing half of lights and the price is also less then compare to the rest.

This string light can be used either indoor or outdoor.

While there are many positive things about this product, we also noticed few negative points about this item.

One such thing we would like to mention here is that, although the LEDs looks magical but they are not very bright, so if you want to light up your patio than these lights are not good fit for your requirement, you should instead try these.