Best of Innoo Tech Solar string Lights Reviews

Innoo Tech is a well know name in solar powered lights. It specializes in producing a variety of string lights such as fairy light, small night lights and home luminaries, that can be use to decorate your indoor and outdoor home for any celebration occasion such as Christmas party, birthday parties, marriage ceremony and get-to-gather etc.

Below you will find some of the most in demand string lights from Innoo Tech – we went further with in-depth reviewing them individually. Hope it will help you choose the best string light for decorating your home.

Innoo Tech 19 feet, 30 LED Warm White Crystal Globe Fairy String Lights

Innoo Tech Solar LightsThis gorgeous looking decorative light is perfect for enhancing your patio, porch, gate, tree for Christmas or other outdoor parties.

This is waterproof and can be used in all seasons but its recommend that you do not use it in rainy season because some customers complaint that their string light stop working after getting water inside.

As with most of the solar string lights, this light is very easy to install

  • just put the stake onto the tube at the back
  • find a place for the light with clear and full exposure to the sun, so that it get enough charging to lit up during night (the built-in batteries are good enough to power the light whole night, once the solar panel absorbs enough sunlight during the day)
  • insert the stake into the ground and that’s it

The control unit is present at the back of the solar unit, there is a 3-way-switch, middle position is for OFF, and left & right position is for flashing or steady-ON.

Features at a glance

  • White color
  • 6 meter long with 30 LEDs crystal globe, create a fairy atmosphere
  • Built-in waterproof NI-MH battery
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Working time: 8-10 hours
  • Flashing or static modes

Innoo Tech 5 meter, 50 Purple LED Blossom Solar Fairy Lights

This wonderful string light is ideal for decorating your outdoor garden.

Innoo Tech Solar LightsEasy to install, make the parts together, insert the stake to the ground and make it steady, make the solar panel towards the light source, then turn on the switch and begin to charge. Make sure the spot where you install this string light can get sunlight well.

The solar panel charges the battery during the day and the built-in sensor turns on the light automatically at dusk. It can continuously work 8+ hours after a full charge.

This string light is totally waterproof, even work in rainy or cloudy day if the sunlight is not available. Its recommend that you do not let the water go inside the panel, tough the company says its water proof but if you want to maintain a long life of this light than do not use it in rainy season.

Features at a glance

  • Purple color – Blossom lamp beads quantity: 50
  • Solar panel type: 75 * 65mm amorphous silicon
  • Built-in 600mAH NI-MH battery
  • Length: 5 Meter/16 Feet
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Working time: 8-10 hours
  • Function mode: Twinkling and steady ON

Innoo Tech 17+ meter, 200 LED Warm White Solar String Lights

Innoo Tech Solar LightsThis warm white bright light from innoo tech is a wonderful for indoor and outdoor decoration while you celebrating any occasion with your family and friends. This is ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, lawn, porch, gate, and yard. Though this string light is waterproof, but need to protect it from getting water inside, if water gets into it, the lights will be dead.

Very simple to install it anywhere in your garden, put the stake onto the tube at the back, find a place for the lights with clear and full exposure to the sun, because it runs on Sun rays. Insert the stake into the ground.

More than 6 hours charging during the day will guarantee you enough lighting in the night. It has amazing 8 different modes available to use. The buttons are on the back of the solar panel so you can change the modes easily.

Make sure the switch is ON when charging otherwise it won’t charge. The battery quality is good enough to work 8-10 super long working time at night once the battery is charged well during the day.

Features at a glance

  • 200 warm bright white LEDs
  • Length: 21 Meter/72 Feet
  • Built-in 1.2V 1800 mAh battery
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Working time: 8-10 hours
  • Function mode: 8 modes (combination in waves, sequential, slogs lo, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady ON)

Innoo Tech 21 feet, Multi-color 50 LED Blossom Decorative Lights

Innoo Tech Solar LightsThese 50 multi-color blossom solar fairy lights are great for outdoor decoration especially for Christmas trees decoration, wedding party – it’s a perfect decor for an outdoor party. As with all Innoo Tech lights, this fairy light is also water proof but you need to take an extra effort to keep it away from getting water inside, otherwise it will stop working.

Installation is really simple and anyone without any knowledge can install it within minutes. There are only 2 switches – Power (On/Off) and Mode (Flashing/Static) – and a stake.

Be careful while installing the lights, if wrapping these lights around a tree or railing, if you pull too hard, it will break and the light will not work. The string lights will add really gorgeous & magical whimsy look around your garden.

Features at a glance

  • Multi-color 50 LEDs
  • Length: 21 feet / 4.6 meters
  • Built-in rechargeable NI-MH battery
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Working time: 8-10 hours
  • 2 modes static and flashing

Innoo Tech 5 meter, 20 LED RGB Icicle Globe String Lights

Innoo Tech Solar LightsThe Solar Icicle Ball is protected against water and has been tested and certified as IP44. Awesome looking anyone looking at it wanted to own it. It’s automatically ON and OFF – just install and forgot you don’t have to bother about turning it on or off.

These little lights are adorable and in multiple colors. There are 2 modes you can select either twinkle or stay lit; it is easy to switch between the two depending on your liking.

Because they are extremely easy to put up and take down, you can use them wherever you want and change their place accordingly, you will enjoy the ambiance these little icicle shape lights bring to our patio.

Features at a glance

  • 20 multi-color LED lights
  • 1 Lawn Spike
  • Total Length: 5 meter / 16+ feet
  • 2V 240mAh batteries
  • Waterproof – IP44 Certified

Overall the Innoo Tech solar string lights are very good choice for decorating your indoor or outdoor home. These little string lights can add magical looks to your home. Hang them on your balcony at your apartments; wrap them around tree or railing and these little LED lights bring something special to your home.

The cost is small compared to the result it produces, installing and maintaining them is easy, as the lights are solar powered, you can put these lights anywhere without having to mess with a cord and wire, and it can be placed at remote area of your garden and they add the right touch of sparkle.

What is more interesting is that you don’t have to worry about electricity bill – you just install and forgot about it! They automatically turn ON around dusk and work during the whole night, adding gorgeous look and create happy atmosphere.