Lycheers Multicolor, 17meter, 100 LED Solar Fairy Light Review

It’s really tough job to do a Lycheers Solar Christmas String light review. It’s such a mixed bag. More importantly, it’s my favorite one for decorating garden for celebration occasion such as Christmas.

The multi color LED lights are so attractive that definitely leaves something to be desired. As with any product some people love it, and some people hate it.

At the very least, it’s really interested piece of a product.

Lycheers 17m 100 LED Solar Fairy String LightsThe length makes it favorable for most of the people because it can cover a lot of area and the cost of these solar lights are less then compare to the same competitive products.

The new design is superb; the lights are powered by solar energy so you do not need any wiring to fit them anywhere indoor or outdoor at your home.

They are waterproof and come with high performing 100 LED super bright lights. Make sure you locate the lights where the solar panel gets exposed to the direct sun light during the day, so that it gets charged.

It also features a Solar panel with rechargeable batteries installed, the LED light can keep glowing for about 8 hours a night after fully charged during a sunny day. The lights have 2 different modes of glimmering, flashing and steady ON.

So you can really control how you want the lights to work, it looks so adorable when flashing is ON and it’s a perfect piece of decoration for Christmas, marriage party or other celebration occasions.

Lycheers 17m 100 LED Solar Fairy String LightsTheir sensors are so powerful that some customers said that even if a car lights shine on the sensor they get OFF!

But worry not this is a good sign as, they get automatically turn ON at dusk and turn OFF at day time.

If you want to take full advantage of these neat little gorgeous solar powered fairy lights, we recommend that you put them in correct place and leave them charging in full sun for at least 12 hours before you use them at all.

Features of Lycheers Solar fairy string Light

  • Length of String: 17 meters
  • 100 multicolor LED
  • 1 x ground spike
  • Power: Solar Power 0.2W – 0.5W peak
  • NiMh batteries: AA size, 600m AH – 1200mAH
  • Switch: ON/OFF
  • Working mode: Flash/Steady ON
  • Working temperature: -20 +60

Overall this solar string light is amazing, you don’t need to find extension cords long enough to run from the house to the trees, walls or decorative places in the outdoor garden.

The features are a mixed bag, decently constructed, great piece of decoration at a low cost, definitely a good buy!