M&T Tech multi-color, Icicle Shaped Solar String Light Review

These string lights from M&T are gorgeous and very easy to install, you do not need to be expert to install these lights.

The result is awesome when it comes to its performance, the lights stay lit all night, when fully charged. The multi color lights look very attractive and eye catching at the night time.

People loves these gorgeous lights & most probably will ask about where you bought them from.

5M 20 Multi Color Icicle String LightThe lights are looks like small tubes, each string light is 3 inches long.

The string lights are multi-color, i.e. red, blue and yellow, the lights looks more like a rainbow of colors when they all lit up and looks so attractive, they emit enough ambient light for nighttime.

The lights are bright and cover enough area of your garden making it suitable option for outdoor garden at your home.

The unique design and shape of each LED make these lights one of the best looking decorative light that can be used for any celebration occasion such as Christmas, birthday party, get-together etc.

The lights comes with various modes such as Flashing and Steady ON, although the lights are waterproof but it’s recommended that you keep them away from water it will work much longer than expected and it will extend its life.

Few thing to keep in mind before you install and/or use these solar decorative lights at your home or garden:

  • Find a place at your garden for the lights with full exposure to the direct Sunlight
  • Make sure to remove protective film from solar panel, press “ON” or “OFF” button, then only the string lights will work properly
  • You won’t get better result at day time, to get the full exposure use them at night time
  • While charging make sure the switch is turned “ON”, if you won’t switch it ON, the battery will not be charged

Features of Solar Icicle Shaped Solar String Light

  • 20 Multi color LED lights
  • 1 x Ground Spike
  • Shape: Icicle
  • Ni-MH batteries: built-in rechargeable 1.2V 240mAh NIMH battery
  • Working mode: Twinkling & Steady ON
  • Length: 4.8 Meter
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Working Time: 8-12 hours (after fully charging)

Overall these 5 meter, 20 Multi-color Icicle LED lights are great! Produces good enough light and looks so attractive because of multi-colored twinkling effect, just one limitation IMO is that the length of the lights are not as long as it looks in the picture, each “icicle” shaped light is about 3 inches long.

Apart from that most of the customers complained about the wire length from string to the solar box is very short thus you have to place the solar box near the string light.