Signstek 55 Feet, 200 LED, Blue Solar String Light Review

These Solar string lights from Signstek is really beautiful and attractive piece of decoration.

This is suitable for outdoor garden decoration with trees, wreaths, bushes etc. It comes with 7 different modes of blinking which looks really fantastic at night time.

The solar light consists of a solar cell, a rechargeable battery and LED lights. Very easy to install and can be moved anywhere in your outdoor garden.

Signstek 55.8FT 200 LED 7 Modes Waterproof Solar String LightThese lights gets power from sun so you do not need any wiring or cords to setup these lights in your garden.

Just make sure you get enough charging during the day (at least 6+ hours) so that it can light up the whole night. The light goes ON automatically once it senses that there isn’t much Sun light i.e. during night time.

It also has a nice 7 blinking modes if you want the light to be more attractive and dynamic, you can switch the blinking mode ON.

The company claimed that these lights are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about whether it’s raining or not, we haven’t tasted it ourselves tough, but based on some of the client’s review on, makes us believe that this light will be a perfect water proof lightning.

The string light is great decoration piece which can add attraction to your home, use these string lights for any occasion such as Christmas, birthday party, wedding anniversary and any such occasion that need you to celebrate.

You can even use it for decorating your shop and/or your small business office or similar buildings, home etc.

Signstek Solar String Light Features

  • 200 LEDs
  • 1 Ground Spike
  • Light Color: Blue
  • Power: Solar Power 0.2W~0.5W peak
  • Ni-MH batteries: built-in 1.2V 1800mAh
  • Switch: ON/OFF
  • Working mode: 7 Blinking Modes
  • Working temperature: -20 +60
  • Length: 55 feet
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Working Time: 8-12 hours (after fully charging)

Make sure to remove the solar cap before installing the light, and let it charge at least 6 hours before using the lights.

One drawback, not a real one though, but better to mention here that you can’t change a light so do not try to replace any of the bulbs in the light set otherwise the whole item will stop working.