Sogrand Stainless Steel Solar Stake Lights (8 Pack) Review

The Sogrand, not a big brand like Moonrays or Innootech, but this multi-colored solar walkway light from Sogrand is great, relatively a new player in this segment of solar lights but the quality of their products are proficient enough to compete with big brands.

Specifications and Features

  • Set of 8 solar stake light
  • 4 unique color LEDs
  • Stainless steel body
  • Solar panel 2V 20mA
  • Battery 1.2V 2/3AA 300mAh
  • Waterproof – use it in all weathers
  • 9 wide and 14 inches long

Sogrand Solar Pathway Lights

Take this stainless steel solar light from them which come in separate pieces which you will need to put together before you put them in ground. Each light has 3 pieces, the lamp, pole and stake. You can quickly and effortlessly assemble them.

All you have to do is place the post on the lamp base and then pull the stake out of the bottom of the pole, flip it over and re-insert it correctly in the post where the stake pointed end is sticking out.

These in ground solar path lights will automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn, after a full 6-8 sunny day recharge.

If you order this product you will receive 8 separate in ground solar path lights that are 14 inches long including stake.

Each piece is separate light and can be located anywhere you want, they are not connected to each other. Each lamp has one colored bulb that glows a red, green, blue or white.

The solar lights are made from plastic with a stainless steel ring round the top and stainless steel posts. Each post has a stake slid inside it.

The stake that holds the light is reversible and good but not the great one, find a soft ground location to install them or if you don’t find soft ground install with care as the stake can easily bend if you try them installing at hard ground.

The light covers small area so do not expect it to give off enough light to be used as a full blown pathway lights instead use it as decorative lights to highlight something, highlight potted plants in your garden for example.

When you place these small colored lights at suitable (front door or around something you want to highlight) location in your yard they look great and add a little light and color to your garden.

When the lights reflect out it gives the fantasy of more colorful light. It looks great and more attractive than the other plastic material path-lights.

One major downside, in terms of look is, its little bit more small light in size compare to the other solar lights, although not as small but a little bit compare to other normal one.

Many people are complaining about the colors are not as per mentioned in the product description but are somewhat different. Few customers also faced issues with less working time of battery and solar panel are not powerful enough to capture sun-rays in partial cloudy days.

There isn’t any warranty of this product, but we haven’t seen any complain of this stainless steel solar light failing among other reviewers yet.

You may be wondering if this stainless steel solar pathway light is good for you? I glad you asked.

If you’re looking for colorful light and don’t want to use traditional electric lights that is more of decorative type with durable material, such as stainless steel body, and attractive color changing effects then this color changing solar light from Sogrand is suitable for lighting your garden.