Butterfly Solar Lights, Dragonfly & Hummingbird Solar Stake Lights Review

Solar Butterfly Light Garden StakeThe solar Butterfly garden stake light is great for decorating your outdoor garden for various purposes such as to celebrate Christmas, birthday or get-to-gather parties.

When you buy this butterfly light it includes set of 3 different animal shaped decoration lights i.e. butterfly, dragonfly and Hummingbird.

You can place them at your pathway, in between trees. When the lights start changing their colors, the animal shaped lights looks like as if the real animals are flying in your garden.

The Butterfly stake is built with aluminum and coated with black UV protection. The items are made of clear acrylic with very detailed design such as the upward-wing hummingbird.

Looks gorgeous and it creates interest and atmosphere in your garden for your outdoor living!

The lights are built in different shape, such as butterfly, dragonfly & hummingbird and look adorable, make sure to install these lights at a place where it can get direct sunlight – as these lights are solar powered and need direct sunlight for charging.

It has a small solar panel on the pole and an internal rechargeable battery that is replaceable.

At an approximation, the solar panel should at least get 8 hours of direct sun light a day for about 6 or more hours of use at night.

Few customers noted that there is a thin clean film on solar panel so make sure that you carefully remove it so the solar panel work as intended.

There are some interesting features of this light, such as:

  • It’s really simple to assemble the unit
  • The small solar panel flexible enough to be angled to catch more Sun rays while most of the other solar panels are fixed
  • The lights change their color slowly, thus they are not a hard core flashing lights
  • There is a sensor that turns the light ON when it gets dark. If you have the unit mounted near a light on your home that is ON at night then the LEDs will not light up.

Solar Butterfly Light Garden StakeThe ON and OFF button is not a sliding one, instead it’s a simple press button, the sliding button don’t operate well most of the time.

Sometimes the solar panel not recharge properly due to dust or grass etc, make sure you follow these steps if your solar lights are not working.

Also not all three items work the same way sometimes, some light work better than the rest of the pack.

One light last all night, while the others seem to dimmed or off in the middle of the night for example, but it happened in rare cases.

One last thing you should consider is to protect the lights from the rain, few customers’ complaint that the solar panel will fill with water, and damage the wires and circuitry, and the light no longer works.

Specifications of Solar Butterfly Garden Stake

  • Set of 3 lights – Butterfly Solar Light, Dragonfly Solar Light & Hummingbird Solar light, One LED per stake
  • Black coated aluminum poles with acrylic made figurines
  • Dimensions:
    • Hummingbird Solar light: 3.25 W x 4 H Inch
    • Butterfly Solar Light: 4.25W x 3.5D Inch
    • Dragonfly Solar Light: 5.5W x 3.5D Inch
  • Batteries 3 AA rechargeable battery of each light required. (included)
  • Weight 1 pounds