Steel & Glass Finish, Super Bright Solar Path Light Review

Solar-powered lights are slowly but surely getting fast traction in home and garden lighting, they have been around sometimes now.

There are different types of path light available in the market to choose from. These lights are perfect for outdoor home decoration.

steel and glass path lightSteel and glass encased solar LED path light comes with 6 super bright white LEDs per head, there are set of 6 items bundled together in this package.

This is brightest LEDs lights available in the market, nicely packed into steel and glass encased, which help them shine brightly and looks charming.

Featuring superior quality of work, simple yet strong, they make an elegant addition to your outdoor garden.

Installing this solar path light is simple and doesn’t required you to play with cord or wires, simply find a good place, where the light can face direct Sunlight, install the stake at ground and let the solar panel consume Sun rays.

Make sure to let it charged for approximate 8 hours a day, more is better, and the path lights are ready to be lit up whole night.

The stake is sturdy cast into the aluminum designed to hammer into the hard soil in your yard.

The item comes with a large solar panel at the top of each light allow for up to 10 hours of light when fully charged.

Powder-coated steel casing with glass lamps that are strong and durable and can easily withstand any weather conditions.

There is a sensor built into the system, which at sunset, start the light automatically to illuminate walkways, pathways etc.

steel and glass walkway lightThe solar panel is Monocrystal, which is one of the best & costlier solar panel type available in the market to date, with conversion rate of 18% vs. amorphous solar panel with a conversion rate of half of it i.e. 9%.

That’s why it’s these solar path lights cost more than other path lights.  These are extremely high quality, beautiful path lights and very sturdy and long life.


The light have an option of turning it On or Off, most of the lights do not have this option, it can extend the life of your light.

They sit high on ground and the glass lumpier creates a beautiful pattern on the ground which looks really awesome and create beautiful atmosphere around the place you installed them.

Most of the path light’s parts are of standard plastic metal but these lights come with a durable and long lasting stainless steel.

It can easily assemble and installed, without any special skills or knowledge of electricity.


The only issue with this light is the cost. They are not the cheapest light on the market, but you get the quality product at a high price, as saying goes “You get what you pay for”.

The Specifications

  • 6 Stainless Steel Solar Lights
  • 2V 600MAh AA NI-MH rechargeable battery per Light
  • 6 Durable High Density Garden Stakes