Top 10 Best Solar Spot Lights Reviews 2024

Nowadays, solar lights are promising advancements to mankind. The fact that the source is clean and renewable source of energy and solar technology greatly made its dent in the community. As a matter of fact, solar spot lights are just a few of the remarkable innovations since they serve an array of purposes at no or minimal expense.

Generally, spot lights are used to accentuate home’s features. In fact, traditional spot lights are previously used to illuminate fixtures and masterpieces during events. However, many homeowners and prospect users shy away from this option due to the fact that it is quite expensive to operate. More importantly, it deems the need of expert’s knowledge on the wiring and cable system. Consequently, they end up spending major cash for labor and the like.

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This article will help you choose best solar spot lights for your garden. Everyone goes through different struggles when deciding to buy a solar outdoor spot light for the first time.

Looking for the Best Solar Spot Lights ?

Buying the best one is definitely not an easy job especially when you have a wide variety of items to choose from.

So if you’re having trouble finalizing solar spot lights for your outdoor yard — don’t worry. You’re at the right place.

Regardless of what you are using these lights for, whether highlighting flag pole or shining trees or statues in your yard, we got you covered, by including in our review the best of the best spotlights for your particular need.

This is going to be your got-to-go article for buying the best solar spot lights with confidence.

What you will get in this guide.

  • Uses of spotlight
  • Benefits of spotlight
  • Overview of the parts
  • How to choose the best spotlight


To resolve the need for adding elegance and accentuating home’s landscape, opting for solar spot lights the perfect solution. Although the initial investment can be a bit costly, this solar technology is far more efficient and economical compared to traditional spot lights. Besides, this kind of illumination is not only meant for home decoration.

Solar spot lights are easy to install. It can be accomplished by simply mounting the lighting devices on the wall or staking it into the ground close to the subject. Afterwards, the system will do the captivating work at no or very least expense.

Most solar spotlights are designed in a way they can be mounted in different ways and can be adjusted to shine in a direction you like. Often the solar panel can be placed separately from the spotlight, which allows you to put the panel in a place where it will get the direct sun light, and the spotlight at a different place where it’s needed, highlight trees in your landscape, for example.

Show off masterpieces:

There are homeowners who want to show off important pieces of their abode. At this point, they can use solar spot lights to accentuate their patio, fountain, mini statues and other fixtures during ordinary night time or special event. Consequently, these spot lights add glamour to the overall aesthetic of the landscape.

Give emphasis to signs and billboards:

Signs and billboards require a number of lights to make it visible during night time. However, the number of hours the bulbs are lighted is accompanied by tremendous electricity cost. To be practical, solar lights can assume the roles of these incandescent bulbs. As a matter of fact, the former is far more efficient because powerful LED bulbs are used. They emit brighter light without compromising the duration of being well-lit overnight. When they burned out, the batteries will just have to be recharged in daytime and the cycle repeats again.

Emergency blackouts:

Another remarkable use of solar spot lights is during emergency blackouts. Since the batteries are charged during daylight, the spot lights can illuminate home from eight to ten hours. In addition to this, spot lights installed outside the house can be brought inside the home to illuminate the interiors. This ease of transfer is made possible with the absence of wires and cables.


Totally Cuts Down Monthly Fees

Overall, solar spot lights are brilliant innovations of solar technology. Compared to traditional spot lights, they are far more efficient and effective. The long duration these solar-powered spot lights are used tantamount to affordability and practicality. Therefore, these lighting devices are cost-effective in serving a myriad of functions from accentuating landscape to emergency use. Apart from this have a look at the following as well.

  • Ruggedly constructed Solar spotlights are generally the most durable compared to the other solar lights
  • Weatherproof and UV protected
  • Solar spotlight are superior to their counterpart i.e. fluorescent light, it uses LEDs, as temperatures drop, LEDs generate brightest light, due to their solid state design, making it well suited for outdoor landscape lighting
  • LEDs runs longer and generally have a lifespan in excess of 100,000 hours runs on solar power so, save your electricity bill

An Overview of the Main Parts of a Solar Spot Lights

When you are about to buy something, it’s important to understand the basics of that thing.

If something goes wrong, you want to be able to diagnose and fix the issue yourselves. You also want to understand the capabilities of each part and how it fit into overall performance or limitations of a particular item.

LED: LED or a series of LEDs which emits the light when a voltage is applied to it and is used in almost all solar power lights

Solar Panel: Flat piece equipment that absorbed sunlight and creates electricity to power the LEDs, it comes with all solar powered light

Battery/Charger: A rechargeable battery to collect the power produced by the energy from the sun.

Lumens: Lumen is a measure of the total amount of light or level of brightness you will get from the light i.e. LEDs, the more the lumens the brighter is light

Choosing the Best Solar Spot Lights

There are hundreds of lights on the market all claiming to do the same thing – add a good lighting to your outdoor landscape. While some of them deliver on their promises, a lot don’t.

I’ve assembled a list of the best solar spot lights categorized them based on various factors to make your decision easier without spending all your valuable time glued to a computer screen searching for the best one.

I’m going to split the lights into following categories (in no particular order):

  • Brightest solar spot lights: These are the brightest lights available in the market right now.
  • Cheap solar spot lights: Inexpensive solar spot lights without compromising with the quality.
  • Spot lights for trees: these are specially designed to highlight something in your yard, trees for example- thus sometimes referred as solar spot lights for trees!

1 – Amir Color Changing Solar Spotlight

Amir Color Changing Solar SpotlightOne of the Bestseller on Amazon website, the box contains 2 in 1 light beautiful color changing solar light; this spotlight and the solar panel independently rotate 90 degrees, which is perfect for using it on the ground, or mounting it. It automatically put itself ON and OFF, great for shining on a tree or you can put it in your home’s garden, At night when the colors light up and reflect off of the wall, and all the different shaped plants, flagpole etc it looks pretty.

2 – Brightest Solar Flag Pole Light – Deneve® Bestseller

Brightest Solar Flag Pole Light - Deneve Bestseller

Easy to install and work with, this solar flagpole light is great for you to show off your pride in all its impressive beauty. Using this light the flag get more illuminated since the lights shine down compare to the other that normally shines from bottom to top. Its sensors are great when it comes to sensing the day/night time – it starts shining as soon as it gets dark. It can be used up-to 15-25 feet long flag poles, 20 feet is recommended tough. 1300 Lumens makes it brighter, and the battery capacity of 4500mA makes it stand out from other competitors.

Show you patriotism by buying this solar spot lights for flagpoles, you are supporting our wounded warriors every time you buy this item because Deneve is an official Sponsor of the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund from 2013.

3 – InnoGear Set of 2 Adjustable Solar Spot Lights with Stakes

InnoGear Set Of 2 Adjustable Solar Spot Lights with Stakes

This super bright solar spotlight from InnoGear comes in 2-in-1 stick in ground or mount on the wall. Set of 2 plastic body but strongly build solar yard spotlights, comes with an adjustable LED head. It would be a great illumination for highlighting plantation and pathway in garden etc. not a great fit for long (more than 20 feet long) flagpole , can be used but it wouldn’t be as bright as you would like.

4 – Microsolar Spotlight with Separate Solar Panel

Microsolar Spotlight with Separate Solar Panel

This microsolar spotlight package contains 2 items, solar panel and the light, both comes separately. It’s built with plastic but heavy weight and sturdy. Place the light at desired location and put the solar panel at different location, note that it should be within 5 meters of where you plan to have the spotlight. The cord is lengthy enough to cover the wide area.

5 – Hallomal In-Ground 2 Modes Solar Spotlight

Hallomal In-Ground 2 Modes Solar Spotlights

Set of 4 super bright garden solar spot lights from Hallomal. Each light with a 50 lumen, 2 in 1 Adjustable light comes with a good spike. You can set the “low” and “high” light settings which can make your light run long if you put it on “low”, also a nice to have “off” button feature (which normally you normally won’t see in solar garden spotlights).

The adjustable solar panel has a solid durable plastic casing with a separate plastic ground stake, depending on whether you want to put into the ground or mount on a wall. The plastic stake is powerful, In addition to this; the wall mounting hardware is included in the pack.

6 – Sunnytech Solar Flag Pole, 20 Brightest Led Lights Designed In USA

Sunnytech Solar Flag Pole, 20 Brightest Led Lights Designed In USA

This beautiful looking solar flag pole light from Sunnytech gives your flag a nice glow so that it can be seen and admired by all who look at it at night. It has 20 brightest energy-efficient LEDs, 4500mA rechargeable battery. Note that the unit does not contains any accessories all it boxed is 1 Sunnytech Solar Flag Light. The company already sold 30,000 units of this light, making it one of the best solar flagpoles. Sunnytech is an official Sponsor of Disabled American Veterans Fund from 2012.

7 – Nature Power Solar Spot Lights for Flagpoles

Nature Power solar spot lights for flagpoles

This spotlight is a good and stylish one specially designs for flag pole illumination. Few mentioned flagpole lights in this article shed lights from top to bottom but this one does the opposite. You have to mount this light to the flagpole, few feet below the bottom of the flag, so that it can provide enough light to allow the flag to be seen from a distance. It isn’t over powering, 4 super bright LEDs are good enough to illuminate whole night, once it gets full charge. The LEDs are encased in an aluminum lamp head and ABS plastic components for weather resistant and durability.

8 – InaRock 2-In-1 Solar Spotlight for Tree, Flag, Driveway

InaRock 2-In-1 Solar Spotlight For Tree, Flag, Driveway

If you are looking for a solar spot light that will offer more than with cheap price, the Inarock light could be your best bet. It has Bright – 200 Lumen output (4 x 50 LEDs). The lithium rechargeable battery (2200mAh) can last for an approximate two years. The light produces a very crisp white light (not soft white or off white) and works 8 hours on high bright mode and 14 hour on low bright mode, depending on if it get full recharge.

It looks damn sparking when you put it to flash some light on trees in your outdoor garden and it gives a very good green color effect and that looks beautiful.

9 – URPOWER 2-In-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable

URPOWER 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable

As of writing the review this spotlight is Bestseller on Amazon under the landscape spotlights – 200 Lumen output LED provide super high brightness to ensure that you get great illumination; adjustable head and 2-1 installation (can be stick in ground or mount on wall). There are 2 modes – high light mode & dim light mode, the working time in light mode is almost double compare to the high bright. The large solar panel provides enough power for this to run most of the night on low mode. The light covers a bit slightly small area of illumination but overall it does a nice enough to highlight something in dark.

10 – RockBirds Weatherproof Solar Garden Spotlight

RockBirds Weatherproof Solar Garden Spotlight

This is one of the cheapest solar spot lights we reviewed on this page so far. This is not brightest solar spot lights you were looking for instead this kind of light is decorative light which designs for soft light and suitable for underwater lighting and outdoor landscape decoration. It is designed for creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

One caveat with this light is the solar panel can be screwed to a wall or roof, and it also comes with a stake for putting it into the ground but the light is sit on a flat surface! It’s hard to stake them in ground or mount on a wall. You are supposed to just set them somewhere.

To Conclude

I hope these reviews help you bring home the high quality spotlight with top functions can be found at cheap prices. Features that make these lights best one available in the market right now.

Now is a good time for you to start comparing the pros and cons and decide the best solar spot light in 2024.