Top 10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights For Garden 2018

best solar garden lightsLooking for the solar garden lights? What about reviews of the top rated solar power lights for your outdoor garden? With the market exploding with new models and more companies coming on board at a record pace it’s getting difficult choosing the perfect solar light.

We’ve sorted out the top rated models, some of which we cover in our reviews section, and have narrowed them down to users rating, and we think you’ll agree, are the best solar powered garden light..

General Specs & Price Chart

Here are some of the general specs. Note that pricing could change depending on where you buy and LED life is estimated.

Product Name Price Category
Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light CheckPrice>> path light
Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light CheckPrice>> security light
Deneve 15-25 Feet Solar Flag Pole Light CheckPrice>> flag pole
RockBirds 65 Feet – 200 Waterproof Solar String Light CheckPrice>> decoration
InnoGear MT-057 Solar Spotlight – Pack of 2 CheckPrice>> spotlight
Moonrays 92276 Solar Hanging Floral Light CheckPrice>> solar lantern
Mipow BTL-400-BK Playbulb (single) CheckPrice>> decoration
Decorative Solar Sun Jar – SUCK UK CheckPrice>> decoration
Multi-Colors Rattan Cane Wood Fairy Lights CheckPrice>> string light

Find out why so many people turning to Solar Power Lights

The use of solar energy is by far considered one of the best forms of alternative energy found on earth.

The World face huge energy deficit, due to the difference between demand and supply, electric appliances per home are exponentially increasing and this can only expect to extend.

Due to these issues more and more people are relying on solar energy.

There is enormous improvement in this technology in past few years’ so many product being created that runs on solar energy, solar powered lights for garden being the one.

You can find various kinds of energy-saving solar lighting that are not only low cost but also environment friendly beside all that they have a nice appearance which will make you outdoor garden really fascinating.

How Solar Powered Lights Works?

These smart lights use solar panels (either integrated or separate) to gather sunlight and charge batteries that power the LED lights at evening.

The solar panel should be to be accessible to the direct Sunlight to soak up the energy from the Sun, in order to light-up during the night hours.

Before installing the solar light place it in the areas you would like to have lit up (if solar panel is integrated make sure to put it at a place that gets direct sunlight).

Most solar lights requires approximately 8-10 hours to fully charge, some may need more in order to give off light during the whole night.

Top 10 Best Solar Garden Lights

There are few key factors that make a good solar garden light. Each item is picked based on type of light, features, quality, ease of use and value.

Although this list is based on which light we personally like the most, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider all of them when buying your own.

Everyone has different requirements and reasons for wanting one over the other, so just keep that in mind when looking at each light.

The sort of light you go for will depend on your needs: something to mark out borders or paths; decorative strings, lanterns for making celebration atmosphere, lights primarily for security or lighting for just illuminates your backyard for Christmas etc.

1 – Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light

Best Solar Garden Lights

The 91381 Payton is one of the best path lights from Moonrays. Made from sturdy black plastic with “hammered” plastic lens, this gives you good enough light to see through whole night.

The hammered gives style and shape to the light that shines. At nearly 40cm tall the light didn’t hide in the shrub and grass, the solar panel is on top of lamp thus you need to make sure to place it in direct Sunlight to charge.

After a full charge the light can last 8 hours, the company asserts. This is brighter light because their optical design to reach the maximum LUX possible. (LUX = amount of light that falls on the ground from a lamp).

2- Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light

Best Solar Garden LightsThis solar motion sensing light is extremely durable with a great motion detection distance of 30 feet and 180 degrees angle ideal for using as a home security/flood light.

Made of durable ABS plastic, they come with mounting hardware and a separate solar panel with 15 feet of wire from solar panel to the lamp. 5-pack AA rechargeable batteries (included with the pack) ensuring reliable long time lighting power.

The unit has 3 easy to configure settings available to control: an adjustable sensitivity to motion, setting up illumination duration time and level of darkness you want the light to turn ON in.

Check out our picks of top 5 security lights.

3 – Deneve 15-25 Feet Solar Flag Pole Light

Best Solar Garden Lights

Do you have a US flag at your backyard? If yes, do you know that the US flag code suggests that the US flag should be lit at night?

OK you have 2 options here either lower the flag at night DAILY! Or buy this beautiful Deneve flag pole light and display your pride in dazzling glory with this easy-to-use light.

No need to let your flag down after sunset! It’s a quick, safe, easy solution to help showcase your flags all day long & night, suitable for usual 15-25 feet long flag poles, with 20 bright energy-efficient LED bulbs and solar panel on top of it, the light can easily lit up flag whole night when fully charging the 4500mA rechargeable battery (included with this item).

4 – RockBirds 65 Feet – 200 Waterproof Solar String Light

Best Solar Garden LightsGive your home eye-catching look by adding this 65 feet long & 200 (white/colorful) LED solar string light from RockBirds. Setting them up couldn’t be easier, there are only two switches – power (On/Off) and mode (Flashing/Static) – and a separate solar panel angle-adjustable spike for sunshine exposure.

This waterproof shiny string is suitable for both indoor and outdoor landscape decoration for Christmas, wedding, or any celebration party.

This comes in diverse colors if you’re not looking of this soft & bright white color.

Check these top 10 solar string lights.

5 – InnoGear MT-057 Solar Spotlight – Pack of 2

Best Solar Garden LightsYou get 2 lights in this pack of InnoGear super bright adjustable spot light – ideal for highlighting something in your garden. You can choose from 2-in-1 installation, either stick into the ground or mount on the wall with screws (included with item).

They are bright enough to catch someone attention to the spot you want to highlight. Built with strong plastic body, automatically On/Off, comes with built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery that can easily work 8 hours on bright mode when fully charged.

6 – Moonrays 92276 Solar Hanging Floral Stained Glass Light

Best Solar Garden LightsGive your garden alluring look by hanging this hand painted garden designs on each side of this solar lantern. Its utter decorative piece of item made up of metal, plastic and glass which provide a 360-degree display of warm LED lighting.

This piece or decoration illuminates rather highlighting something. It certainly made an attractive addition to your outdoor garden. It has a 24 inch above ground height when placed on the shepherd’s hook (included in the pack).

7 – Mipow BTL-400-BK Playbulb LED Light with Mobile App

Best Solar Garden LightsMipow Playbulb is on our list due to fact that it’s a next gen (kind of) solar light. This “intelligent” light has quite interesting features color-changing LEDs with a mobile app that can control not just the colors, but also add a range of lighting effects to your garden for example.

The MiPOW Playbulb has a solar cell on top of it that charges an internal 650 mAh Li-ion battery said to be capable of give up to 20 hours of lighting on a full charge, and a built-in light sensor automatically turns the light on and off.

It has a single (On/Off) button on it; it’s a mobile app-controlled device (iOS and Android – uses Bluetooth & can be control at up to 20 meters from the lights), allowing infinite color options and ability to set up groups that can work with each other.

The only (and big one) issue most of the customer complaint about this item is its mobile app, which causes so many error/issues.

Price is also a bit high compare to the others (but IMO the price is fair considering the features it offers).

8 – Decorative Solar Sun Jar – SUCK UK

Best Solar Garden LightsThe Beautiful and colorful masons storage designed solar light jars are more of a decoration pieces than illuminating your garden. Comes in three colors (yellow, blue and pink) you can choose from.

The device is made with traditional Mason jars, have an integrated solar panel that charges the (NiMH AA 700Mh) battery. It looks damn good making them a great gift for friends or a treat for yourself.

There are few complaints about batteries being cheap & not standard quality, make sure you own a backup battery at your hand.

Our Top picks of  solar decoration lights for Christmas.

9 – Solar Multi-Colors Rattan Cane Wood Fairy Lights – 8 Meters Long

Best Solar Garden LightsAdd decoration to your outdoor yard by putting this beautiful string of 20 multi-color, rattan balls solar powered warm white LED lights. These attractive handmade lights are useful for decorating and/or lighting.

You get 8 meters of cable, so unlike some string lights, these can go in a shady spot if needed. They need 6 hours to fully charge and easily run 6-8 hours after a full recharge.

One drawback (kind of) is that it needs to manually turn ON every time you want to lit up but turns off automatically. Note that it will take 2-3 weeks to ship to US as it is manufactured in Thailand.


Whatever your reason for choosing solar lights may be, it make a great addition to your garden when chosen and installed with a clear and definite design in mind.

There are a lot of people (like us) using solar lights for illuminating their garden and saving lot of money in the end with great results.

There is always modification to the product(s) from the manufacturers, we keep update the above chart, as new products arrived and/or delete the ones which are no longer available from the manufacturers. So keep visit us for latest price, review and updates from the solar lighting world!