Thank you for taking some time to read my About page! My name is Sam, and I run this site named :

I was designing my outdoor garden for festival season and looking for some help on the internet to find the best Solar Garden Lights i can get. I am a kind of person who likes to do most my work myself or at least get involved in such things.

So i started to find some way to choose the best possible ways to design my yard with cost saving manner. So I stumbled on the idea to choose the Solar powered lights to lighting my garden which look same as traditional lights but also save cost and electricity.

I found myself looking for a good Solar Powered Lights for Garden online, and I was amazed to found lot of information and tons of options! In fact, it was so much information, that I felt a bit plagued. I wanted something where I could compare prices, ratings, quality, design and more in an easy to absorb and useful format.

Now, while there are a lot of blogs, forums and social media sites from people sharing what their opinions of what the best solar lights on the market is; I saw these as just their stale opinions.

I glad to see a lot of opinions, but I also like looking at the cold hard fact and comparing directly. I was frustrated with the lack of comparison guides out there; I decided to create my own resulting in this website! After spending many hours of research and analysis, I’ve put together what I call the Ultimate Solar Garden Lights Guide!

It’s a interactive chart that allows you to view the information you want to see the top Solar Lights on the market. I am not a master but I feel like I have provided a valuable resource based on the research and analysis i did on the available information on the internet.

Keeping in mind that the users of this website are also new to selecting the appropriate lights for their needs my goal with this website is to give you information you need in an easy to understand format so that you can make the best possible buying decision based on what matters to you.

I will keep researching on this topic and will keep making this site up to date with the information, research and analysis i will be doing along the way, so keep coming to this website to get the latest trends and products in this niche so that you can choose the correct product based on my comparative analysis & information. In short, I hope this website will help you find the best Solar Powered Garden Lights for your Garden.

Happy Lighting 🙂