Top 10 Best Solar Path Lights for Landscape Lighting in 2017

Best Solar Path LightsSolar path lights are becoming very popular choice for garden and landscape decoration, thanks for the advancement in solar panels and manufacturers launching new and improved solar products regularly.

Solar powered path lights are mostly used to lighten your pathways, walkways in your garden. These lights normally don’t need wiring and/or cord extensions thus it’s a perfect choice for garden lighting, that’s made it not only portable but also, as it does not need any electricity to work.

It’s a cheap and best solution for lighting your outdoor garden.

Each and every solar path light unit normally comes with self powered solar panel built in & don’t required cords whatsoever. This means that you can easily move them freely around your garden.

The built in solar panel, which converts sunlight into electrical energy, is the most important part of the light.

The electricity generated by the panel is stored in a long lasting rechargeable battery, which is also comes inside of each light. These can work for many months before needing replacement.

These lights uses energy efficient LED that’s very durable and last long for many hours and hardly need a replacement for a long time.

When it comes to buying them, you have a plenty of choices to choose from. Ranging from various designs, light illumination, light patterns, number of LEDs many more options then you think off. It’s an overwhelming for a person who is buying these lights for the first time.

Choosing the best solar path light is a bit difficult task for a common person, you need to do a bit research before pick the light you wanted as per your requirement and budget.

Hence we decided to do the task of helping you choose the best path light for your yard, we come up with the below list of best solar path lights you can bank on.

Best Solar Path Lights Reviews 2017

Best Solar Path LightsMoonrays Payton Solar Powered Plastic Led Path Light2.4 lumens
Durable & Weatherproof plastic
Warm white
Check Price
Best Solar Path LightsSolarglow's Neutral Design, Water-Resistant Solar Path Light10 lumens LED
Plastic Body
100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!
Check Price
Best Solar Path LightsMoonrays Solar Powered Tiki Torch Path Light59-1/4 inches height
Flickering amber LED
Check Price
Best Solar Path LightsMoonrays Richmond Metal Path Light With 25x Brighter Led, Rubbed BronzeLED is 30 lumens
18.5 inches long
Warm white
Check Price
Best Solar Path LightsGardenjoy Solar Powered Pathway LightPlastic material
13.8 inches long
Check Price
Best Solar Path LightsSuper Bright 24 Led Solar Garden Pathway Outdoor Light80 lumens
ABS Plastic body looks like Stainless Steel
Warm (bluish) white
Check Price
Best Solar Path LightsHGTV Solar Pathway LightDie-cast Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Warm white
Check Price
Best Solar Path LightsGarden Creations Solar Powered Led Accent Light13.5 inches tall
Bright white color
Check Price
Best Solar Path LightsWestinghouse Brown Kenbury Solar Pathway Stake LightStainless Steel body
White color
Check Price
Best Solar Path LightsMalibu Solar Walkway Light, Brushed NickelMetal construction with clear glass
Weather resistant
Check Price
Best Solar Path LightsSolar Pathway Marker Road Stud Led LightTropical & Beach style
White color
Check Price

Well, I have really enjoyed talking about solar powered path lights, and I hope my little article helps you pick the right one for your particular needs. Have a look at our new selection of best solar garden lights for 2017.

Why you should buy solar path lights

Nowadays, giving home a look of elegance and style can be costly. From attractive fixtures to hiring of a designer, it will cost every homeowner luxury. However, there is an affordable and efficient solution for home decoration, and that is the Solar Path Lights. Not only it serves its purpose for embellishment, it also goes beyond the fancy look.

Traditionally, people have used older versions of path lights to lighten up their homes on the outside. Although it touches an abode with elegance, it brings along costly monthly dues that could churn homeowner’s heads for the high expense. The root cause for such financial misery can be pointed out to the other sources of electricity other than the sun.

However, the introduction of solar technology and its continuous improvement have these individuals not to fret for this kind of matter.

Solar technology had evolved from less efficient to a more reliable lighting system. As a matter of fact, the older versions of solar lighting are not durable and do not illuminate well. This is primarily due to the fact that earlier models have used batteries that do not charge to its maximum capacity.

Consequently, the batteries drained out fast and could not brighten up the night for longer hours. Furthermore, there are bulbs that do not last for years.

Making a Remarkable Transition

The mentioned concerns of using traditional path lights and older models of solar lighting are quite bothersome. However, there is already an end to this with the up to date innovation on solar technology. Presently, these solar lighting are now far more advance and efficient that answers people’s primary dilemma.

Better Batteries: Obviously, the ultimate and only source of energy for solar technology is the sun. Electrons are collected and converted into electricity by virtue of photo-voltaic technology. Afterwards, they are channeled into the batteries to juice up the need for electricity later. At this point, the batteries of new models are larger and can contain maximum amount of power. When used with energy efficient LED bulbs, it can light up the night for twelve hours.

LED Bulbs: This one is a renowned and remarkable advancement in solar technology. Currently, it makes use of Light Emitting Diodes or simply LED bulbs. It emits higher number of photons that is responsible for the brightness of the bulb. However, its brightness is completely dependent on the number of LEDs present.

In comparison with incandescent bulb, LEDs last longer. As a matter of fact, the latter has a lifespan of 100,000 hours while the former only has about 1,000 hours. As for the energy consumption, LED consumes less than 0.1 watts unlike to incandescent bulbs that consume higher energy resulting to a spike of electrical dues.

Lastly, LEDs are best choice for outdoor lighting or adornment since it renders safety and low maintenance.

Has a Variety of Choices: Presently, solar technology had also worked on its style and appeal. As a matter of fact, there is a wide range of designs that a prospect consumer can choose from that will conform to their needs and requirements.

Although there have been remarkable improvements on solar path lights, one important concern still has to be addressed. It is the upfront cost that has to be laid down.

However, its cost-efficiency outweighs the initial investment that people have to make.

Various Solar Path Lights Assuming Impressive Functions

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As mentioned earlier, solar path lights come in a variety of designs to conform the taste and preference of a homeowner or any individual. Coming with a unique design also comes with a particular function. Nonetheless, here are some of the unique Solar Path Lights.

Mushroom Solar Lights: If there are areas that gain heavy traffic during night time, then this is the perfect illumination device that can be installed along the pathways. It comes with a unique design imitating that of a mushroom. The head is designed to direct the light down to the walkway to prevent individuals from tripping or sliding off.

Lantern Lights: The solar lantern lights are suitable for homes portraying a classic look. It imitates the lights of the older times with efficiency. These kinds of illuminations come with a hook in a shepherd’s crook style for hanging and staking into the ground. Nonetheless, its main purpose is to light up the walkways while adding a touch of elegance for the night.

Rock Solar Lights: These kinds of solar path lights are creative in its own way. They are shaped similar to that of rocks. With such feature, they are rarely noticeable at night even though they light up the pathways.

Solar Deck Lights: The solar deck lights focus more on the decorative aspect than being functional. This is due to the fact that the light it emits is diffused upward making it noticeable at night. Since the light is diffused, it does not entirely illuminate the walkway.

Remarkable Advantage of Solar Path Lights

Solar Path Lights function more than just a home decoration and illumination. Adding up to its credit, these lighting also provide its homeowners a sense of safety and security. As a matter of fact, homes that are well-light up are unlikely candidates for break-ins. It warns offenders that they can be identified and easily described in the presence of light. However, there is a rule to this point at which solar path lights have to be brighter to clearly distinguish trespassers.

Embracing Good Changes

There have been great changes that had evolved on solar technology. An example of which is the solar path lights that have come a long way for efficiency. From this point, it paved way to more promising advantages inside the box, and traditional lighting made it completely incomparable to these kinds of innovation.

In addition to these, solar-powered path lights also have a myriad of functions. Inclusions to these are on home improvement, illumination and safety.