Top 10 Best Solar Powered Lanterns Reviews 2024

Solar Powered Lanterns are useful for garden decoration, camping, and in situations when you need light on the go. If you are going for camping, solar lantern is great choice because when you are camping you normally are moving from one place to other, and normally there isn’t any electricity in forest, hills and other camping places so solar powered lanterns are the best option you have at your disposal.

These lanterns don’t need electricity to light up, all it need is Sunlight to charge, and once it’s fully charged (at day time) you can use these lanterns whole night! And as you know Sunlight is FREE and available almost anywhere on earth except on cloudy days and under any shelter off course 🙂

Hence you won’t get any better option than solar power lanterns for camping.

You can argue that one can use batteries instead, however many campers who use (alkaline) batteries to power the camping lights doesn’t know that (alkaline) batteries are harmful to the environment.

So using solar powered lantern you are becoming a part of saving the earth initiative as it does not harm the earth in any way.

Before we dive into the pros and cons and other benefits of Solar Lanterns, have a look at the list first.

Top 10 Best Solar Powered Lanterns to Buy in 2017

Best Solar Lanterns LightsMoonrays 92276 Solar Powered Hanging Floral Stained Glass LED Light Check Price
Best Solar Lanterns Lights12" Triple LED (Red, Yellow, & Green) Oriental Solar Nylon Hanging Lantern Check Price
Best Solar Lanterns LightsSuaoki LED Camping Lantern Lights, Collapsible
Flashlight for Outdoor Hiking
Check Price
Best Solar Lanterns LightsSuaoki Collapsible Clover Style 18 Led Camping Tent Lantern Check Price
Best Solar Lanterns LightsSmart Solar 3900kr1 San Rafael Mission Style Solar Lantern Check Price
Best Solar Lanterns LightsIvation Solar LED Camping Lantern Collapsible & Rainproof,
USB Flashlight Torch Mini Lamp with Hanging Handle
Check Price
Best Solar Lanterns Lights3-In-1 Rechargeable Solar LED Camping Lantern & Portable Ultra Bright
Lamp for Hiking, Hunting, & Storm
Check Price
Best Solar Lanterns LightsGarmar Camping Lantern Solar Portable Outdoor LED Light Check Price
Best Solar Lanterns LightsSolar LED Antique Coach Wall Lantern Check Price
Best Solar Lanterns LightsAllsop Home and Garden Solar Tea Lantern Check Price

Apart from outside camping, you can even use these solar lanterns to decorate your outdoor garden. In fact if you look at the above list, you will notice there a number of adorable designs and decorative lanterns are available to grab.

You can use solar lanterns at various occasions such as Christmas, wedding, get-to-gather parties and as such.  There are many holiday-themed and decorative designs are available to choose from.

There are many advantageous of using solar lanterns, one such example is instead of using lanterns,  which normally consumed kerosene, diesel fuel and gasoline which are a serious risk of killing and damaging tens of thousands of people and loss of valuable assets, whereas solar powered lanterns comes as the safest measure for all.

One more reason to use solar lanterns is they tend to required little to no maintenance. These solar lanterns have few working parts, so there is hardly anything to replace. As most of the lights are waterproof they can easily be cleaned with water, and should last for several years.

The batteries of the solar lanterns are designed to survive moisture. These solar powered lanterns are cheap, attractive, and easy to use. Purchasing solar lanterns for indoor, outdoor, or for camping can be a sensible investment.

Things to consider while Buying Solar Lanterns for Outdoor Garden

The wonderful and mesmerizing effects that solar garden lights can bring are definitely captivating. For this reason, many homeowners are opting for this kind of decoration. Although homeowner’s preference is a major factor for the overall impact, selection of the right pieces should not be overlooked.

Careful Planning and Plotting

Before making the purchase, homeowners have to plot ahead of time on where to place the solar panels. Given the fact that solar garden lanterns juiced up its power from sun’s energy, the solar panels have to be placed in an area where it can capture most of the solar energy. Thus, choose an area that is not shady. If homeowners failed to find a suitable and un-sheltered area, then plan to put the panels on higher areas like on the roof.

In Sync with Homeowner’s Needs and Requirements

Every homeowner has their own preference when it comes to the designs of the lighting system. At this point, it is of utmost importance that they scan through the available options of designs and colors.

However, coming up to the point of selection can only be accomplished provided that they know on what will conform to their garden or landscape. Therefore, study the theme and style that will perfectly work with the preferred designs of lanterns.

In addition, one should ensure that the installation process is convenient. Although installation of solar lighting are easy, it varies depending on its type. Hence, homeowners should choose the system that fits with their capabilities.

Fit it with the Budget at Hand

Solar garden lights are indeed expensive compared to electrical lights. However, its advantages completely outweigh the cost. As a matter of fact, its cost-efficiency in adding a touch of elegance can be realized in the long-run as they pay less or nothing for the power consumed.

Generally, solar powered lanterns come in a myriad of designs and brands. These in turn are some of the variables to consider when planning to set a budget for the lighting system. Nonetheless, allotting an adequate budget for this kind of embellishment will prevent homeowners from compromising their budget.

Check the Lifespan

When looking for solar garden lanterns, take note of the batteries and bulbs lifespan. This varies from one model to another and as well as to the manufacturer. Nevertheless, make sure to select batteries that can power up bulbs for longer duration. As for the bulb, LED lights are efficient and practical over incandescent bulb.

Ask Assistance When in Doubt

If homeowners are unsure of their decision in opting for solar outdoor lanterns, it would be better if they seek assistance from professionals. These experts are knowledgeable enough in what would fit to their client’s gardens and preference without compromising the budget and result.

However, homeowners should bear in mind that they seek experts who have a reputable image in this field. If for some reason you can’t get the help of an expert scroll this page up and look at the list of best lanterns based on the customer review, price and other features.

Getting Fully Set with Solar Garden Lanterns

Solar garden lanterns can bring elegance and a touch of style to every garden. It can show off captivating spots and light up dark areas of the garden without the high cost. At this point, making the right choice is imperative to attain a “no regret choice”. However, the right decision can only be realized if it meets the expectations of its consumer.


As you can tell, owning a solar powered lantern for camping or for decorating you outdoor garden is going to be the best investment you might ever make. Apart from this you also get other benefits like helping the environment by using solar power, using carry on type of lighting, and using it all day long, make it much better.