Moonrays Best Selling Solar Powered LED Lights Reviews 2024

Solar lights are getting popular by each passing day, more and more people are opting solar lights for indoor & outdoor illumination. When it comes to decorating your outdoor garden with lights you have immense option to choose from.

New and improved products are coming into the consumer market from the small to big brands. Choosing the best one out of so many options is hard, especially today’s busy world!

In this article we are specifically reviewing solar lights from one of the top name in solar light industry i.e. Moonrays. Why go with new and dubious brands when you have a proven brand with proven and reliable products.

Moonrays Solar Lights comes in different variety, they produce quality LED lights which are durable, got great ratings from customers, and are inexpensive. The design definitely leaves something to be desired.

Let’s get into details of some of the best solar lights from Moonrays.

Moonrays Payton Solar Power Plastic Light

moonrays-91381-paytonMoonrays Payton style solar path light not only their design is aesthetic but also they are strong, because they are constructed of black plastic with hammered-glass plastic lens. Hammered look gives style and shape to the light that shines.

The lights are 2x brighter than others because they put out more Lux (amount of light that falls on the ground from a lamp) than regular solar lamps. As the lights get the energy from Sun no wiring is involved, easy to install anywhere.

The product is designed keeping all design consideration to make it beautiful and produce the maximum light output. The light beam covers around 120-degree wide angle area, it’s more than average. Each fixture has 2.5 Lumens.

On a full recharged the light can easily last for 8-10 hours. Its automatically turn ON at the dusk and keep lit up to 8-10 hours depending upon the charging it receive from the Sun at day time.

Solar panel is placed on top the lamp that recharges the battery from Sun rays.

The box contains 10 path lights, each path light contains one white LED, solar panel, circuit design, a 400mAH rechargeable battery included per fixture, and optical design to attain the greatest Lux possible.

The light is weatherproof and designed to survive bad weather easily such as sunny days, rainy nights, and snow.

Moonrays 91754 Richmond Metal Bright Light Review

Moonrays 91754 Richmond LightThis Moonrays light is a warm white 25x brighter than other competitive solar lights. This light comes in a 2-pack, which adds a pretty touch to your pathway, patio etc. It produces enough lumens that are more than enough to illuminate your walkways or pathways.

The light is ready to install out of the box as no wiring is required, the unit is of metal, with a pearl bronze finish, metal construction makes the light strong & durable in outdoor weather.

The steel rubbed bronze body is sturdy and attached to plastic ground stake. A solar panel sits on top of Richmond-style light harnesses the sun’s rays and charges the AA NiCd rechargeable batteries (included with this item) that powers the LED light for up to 8 hours on a full charge.

The Moonrays Richmond metal light is come with a 1 year Limited Warranty.

Note that this light is bit heavy because the top part is of glass and metal and it connected to a plastic ground stake that is prone to break, if you try to install the stake hard in ground it tend to break easily. So be careful while installing the light.

The Moonrays Richmond path light sit 14 inches above the ground, and he ribbed glass lens provide a 360-degree display and 120-degree beam angle of LED lighting and has a 48-inch area of illumination around walkways on your lawn.

Moonrays 91251 Color Changing Solar Light Review

Moonrays 91251 Color Changing Solar LightMoonrays color changing solar lights are extraordinary decorative lights for outdoor lighting. This is excellent decorative pieces that would enhance your outdoor back yard or deck. They look fantastic at day time, and at night hours they look gorgeous and seem like illuminating plants or flowers and like a bit of fireflies in your garden.

They are really simple and attractive because of the sparkle glass globe on top that shows off the light. These Moonrays 91251 color changing solar lights change a rainbow color spectrum and have a great product design with strong metal rods that screw together to form the unit.

The box includes 3 crackle glass balls, color changing LED lights, metal ground stake with solar panel, rechargeable heavy-duty battery.

Even without full Sun they last well into the night. But it’s recommended that you must at least let the solar panel consume enough energy to get the long lasting result.

The lights are automatic, you have to install them and switch them ON, but there is even an OFF switch in case you do not want them to running. One more thing if you were to get the full effect of these gorgeous lights, you must order at least 3-4 packs. A warm glow of color changing lights inside a beautiful crystal like glass globe gives a mystifying and beautiful look to your yard.

Moonrays 91515 Turtles Solar Power Decoration Light Review

Moonrays 91515 Turtles Solar LightMoonrays turtle solar powered lights are very cute. 3 small turtles shells emit warm amber glow at night and lit up for about 8 hours once they get fully charged.

Each turtle lights up separately at night with a suitable amber glow on its back automatically turning ON at night to provide just the right level of gentle ambient lighting. Though they are small in size but you will be amazed looking their result. They are fairly bright but in a down-played way and not great bright glowing.

They are made of poly-resin construction with hand-painted finish, durable enough to withstand against wind, rain, snow, and ice without corrosion or break off.

The fixture is powered by one rechargeable AA NiCd battery. Some customers complaint that the lights are not really bright but they should know that these lights really aren’t built for this purpose, you won’t be lighting up parts of your deck with this one – the little lights are just look cool put into a dark corner of your garden ready to add a splash of shine at night that give your garden a really gentle look.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether or not we’d recommend the Moonrays solar lights, its mostly depends on what you want out of your outdoor garden decoration.

Moonrays solar lights are offering vast variety of LED lights with a bit high price range compare to others, but if you are looking for a long lasting and durable items then, we would definitely recommend you give Moonrays solar powered lights a try click here to view best lights from Moonrays.