Top 10 Best Solar Powered Christmas Lights You can Buy in 2023

Solar Powered Christmas LightsAre you in search of best lighting for Xmas decor? You have come to the right place, we have some decorating tips, in addition reviewed 10+ best solar powered Christmas lights.

Read on to find more.

Imagine going home already drained out from stressful routine, and see a gloomy welcoming from your abode. It furthermore adds the toll and makes you more stress than ever.

However, having a bright and colorful lights adorned in your garden can help uplift the physical and emotional strains.

Lights bring along a sense of relief from day’s hassles. In any other way, it emits a positive impact to every household or even to the neighbors just passing by your home. At this point, giving your garden a touch of colorful illuminations can make anyone more alive and feel rejuvenated.

First check the list of best Xmas lights:

Best Selling Solar Christmas Lights for 2022

Best Solar Christmas LightsVmanoo 72 Feet 22 Meter 200 LED 8 Modes Solar Powered Fairy String Lights 65 feet long
200 LED
Best Solar Christmas LightsAmir 3 In 1 Fisheye Lens33ft long
100 Super Bright LED
Best Solar Christmas LightsGdealer Solar Outdoor Water Drop Shaped String Lights20ft 6m long
30 LED
Blue, White & Multi-Color
Best Solar Christmas LightsLuckled Qedertek Blossom Flower String Lights21ft long
50 Colorful LED
Best Solar Christmas LightsIcicle Outdoor Dragonfly Solar String16ft long
20 LED
8 Modes
Best Solar Christmas LightsEasydecor Solar Decorative Globe Light21ft Long
30 LED
8 Modes
Best Solar Christmas LightsUcharge Solar Outdoor Christmas Decoration Lights2ft long
200 white LED
Best Solar Christmas LightsLitom 72.18 Ft Solar Decorative Power Light72.18 ft Long
8 Different Modes
200 LED
Best Solar Christmas LightsGdealer Decoration String Lights72feet Long
200 LED
8 Modes
White/blue/multi w color
Best Solar Christmas LightsAddlon Solar Ambiance Lighting For Outdoor72ft Long
200 Warm White LED
Best for tree, bushes, fence
solar-fairy-lightsWeanas String Fairy Lights for Indoor & Outdoor500 LEDs
166 feet long
White Color
solar-fairy-lightsLycheers Led Fairy Lights100 LEDs
36 feet long
Multi color
solar-fairy-lightsLycheers String Light60 LEDs
36 feet long
Multi color
solar-fairy-lightsLycheers Chuzzle Solar Fairy Lights20 LEDs
15.5 feet long
Multi color
Lighting EVER 33ft 100 LED Solar Power Rope LightsLighting EVER 33ft 100 LED Solar Power Rope LightsWaterproof
Light Sensor
33 feet, 100 warm white LED

Xmas Solar Lights: Making the Best Choice

Solar powered Christmas lights are often the best choice as decorative illumination. Although these lights are commonly used as adornments during the Christmas season, they can also be used on other occasions such as marriage party etc. As a matter of fact, these illumination can be used to embellish gardens during ordinary or special occasions.

There is no denying that regular decorative lights can be costly if used on a regular basis. It can make a hefty cost to your pockets from high power consumption.

However, opting for an excellent alternative like that of solar power Christmas lights will deter this kind of future dilemma.

The solar powered Christmas lights are renowned options as decorative and functional adornments to any gardens. Even though these lights are lit regularly at night, it will not warrant you to pay for the power consumed. This is primarily because it gets its source of power from the sun which is infinite and renewable.

Xmas Solar Lights: Ways to Embellish Garden

Solar Christmas lights are available in a variety of options— string lights, rope lights, and lanterns. In fact, these lights come from a single color to multi-colored lights. It furthermore persuades homeowners with its variety of shapes such as round, stars, bells, hearts, and flowery figures. Hence, it allows homeowners to be creative and stylish in giving their gardens an impressive and eye-catchy look.

Lights around the tree trunk: This is one brilliant way to give emphasis to your favorite tree. By simply adorning the trunk in a spiral pattern using string lights, it will stand out from the darkness in a chicky way.

Winds it through the branches: a garden without trees isn’t a garden, isn’t it? Use the solar string light to wind up through the branches of trees. Afterwards, you can have an excellent imitation of a Christmas tree in an ordinary night.

Brighten up the hedge: Highlight the borders of your garden by putting lights on it. Illuminating the borders that are hardly seen during the night can give the garden a spacious appearance.

Hanging is a style: Gardens can be impressive with solar string lights left hanging from the branches. Aside from this, Christmas lanterns can also be used to give the garden an attractive and captivating look.

Watch the video if you need more Xmas lighting ideas for your outdoor garden decoration.

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Solar Powered Christmas Lights

There are many benefits going solar, particularly when it comes to celebrating the biggest festival i.e. Christmas. Here is to top 5 reasons why you should go and try solar Christmas lights if you hadn’t used them before. Christmas is the best time to test them out.

  • Solar powered Christmas lights do not required conventional electric power to glow, all they need is 100% Sun energy and don’t need any other source of power, and as you know Sun’s energy is free to use and available almost anywhere.
  • Solar powered Christmas lights runs on (Suns’) renewable energy source that hardly produce greenhouse gases, which don’t have any bad effect on environment thus you are helping the nature by going environmental friendly.
  • You can save on your energy cost as much as 20% by using solar lights on this Christmas eve, as stated above solar lights do not need electricity to power on/off, thus using them you can add lot of solar lights to your garden and home without ever thinking about increase in the electricity bill.
  • All you need is a direct Sunlight to power on solar powered Christmas lights; there are no more irritating wiring and extension cords. That means you removed any kind of hazards of having your family members get an electric shock, and you also able to easily move the lights in your outdoor garden easily no matter at what remote area of your garden you want to put the lights.

But wait….. Don’t get too excited about solar powered Christmas lights, there are some disadvantageous too, that you must also be aware of before you can buy them, and regret later that you should have know these before.

  • The initial cost of solar lights are bit higher than the traditional decorative lights, so it’s a good money saver for long run but for the time being you have to pay more than normal lights.
  • The solar lights are dependent on Sun’s energy, you have keep 2 things in mind while decorating your outdoor garden, first the light should be placed at a location where the light can get direct sunlight, second it depends on weather conditions, it need adequate 8-10 hours Sun’s light without enough sunlight (cloudy sky) the batteries will not fully charge, causing the lights to shine dim and/or won’t work for whole night and stop working after few hours.
  • Although solar powered Christmas lights are brighter compare to traditional lights, but their counterpart come in varying degrees of brightness to meet the decorator’s needs. So you can expect a slight change in light’s appearance.

Christmas is around the corner that means there is going to be a rush to buy the solar power string lights for Christmas decoration. The demand for decoration lights will peak as the holiday season starts from the early December.

As the technology improve so does the quality of solar powered lights you have a vast selection of design, quality material etc to choose from.

Choosing the best is is hard so we have done some reviews, read the review carefully and choose the one that is suitable for your particular needs.

Review of Top 5 Solar Powered Christmas Lights

1 – Deneve Solar LED Flag Pole Light

Christmas Lights Led OutdoorAlthough this light is not a string decorative light but with the Deneve flag pole solar light you can display your pride in dazzling glory with this easy-to-use flagpole light!

No need to let your flag down after sunset! This solar powered flagpole light is the quick, safe, easy solution to help showcase your flag all day long and night.

This solar light can be used with most 15-25 feet flag poles with a half inch rod at top.

The manufacturer claims that the life of LEDs are 100,000+, but that we didn’t tested, because it would have taken use so many days to check if their claim is true, however Deneve is giving you a one year money back guarantee!

Product: One 25 ft. in ground pole
Run-time: Rechargeable & replaceable AA batteries
Pro: good height and can be seen from long distance and lit up almost whole night at one recharge
Con: LEDs are not as bright as it should be
Number of LED: 20 LEDs

2 – Dephen Moroccan Ball Multi color Xmas String Lights

Solar Xmas Lights

These solar powered Christmas lights from Dephen are great with no outlet needed. You can use to decorate almost any without needing extension cords or wiring.

Lights are charged by direct sunlight at day time and turn on automatically at dusk and run for about eight hours.

These are great to install at near road, around mailbox or lamp post. There are total 20 multi-color LED lights, total length is 15 feet.

Product: 15 feet strings of light
Run-time: 8-10 hours at a full recharge
Pro: Waterproof, Moroccan ball shaped , multi-color
Con: this is waterproof but get rusty quickly
Number of LED: 20 LEDs

3 – Waterproof White Solar String Lights

Christmas Lights Led Outdoor

These solar powered Christmas LED lights generate very low heat, which prevent fire hazard and will not interfere with other electrical and electronic products. It is manufactured by InGaN technology, producing the exact white color we expect.

The light rope reaches a length of 10 feet with 120 pieces of LED, which is long enough for your usage.

Most suitable places where you can install these lights are Walkways, Tree trunks, Garage Door Frames, Stairs, Dancing Rooms, Street Lamps, Backyard Cottages, Sandboxes and Garden Houses.

Product: 41 feet strings of light
Run-time: Illuminate for over 17 hours with a full charge
Pro: Waterproof copper wire tube lights, adjustable 2 lighting modes, flash & steady-on
Con: Small in size and not very bright as expected
Number of LED: 100 LEDs

4 – 8 Modes Waterproof Starry Christmas Fairy Lights for Indoor Gardens

Waterproof Starry Christmas Fairy Lights

Stand out from the crowd with these solar globe bubble lights. They will add adorable style to your outdoor garden.

Hang them around your wall or tree in your garden, and see how the passing by people will praise your Christmas decoration.

When you buy these solar string lights you will get 200 white colored LED that are waterproof IP65 so you don’t have to worry about them using even in rainy season.

The length of the string is 22 meters and there are 8 modes of this fairy cool white LED solar light. Its suitable for trees, window, staircase and patio etc.

Product: 2 Pack Solar String Lights (22 meters long)
Run-time: 6-8 hours runtime at a full recharge
Pro: 2 Buttons: Power ON/OFF (auto on at dusk, auto off by day) MODE (8 working modes)
Con: some people complaint about control panel and 8 modes not working as it should be
Number of LED: 200 white LEDs

5 – Innoo Tech LED Blossom Solar Lights for Christmas

Christmas Lights Led Outdoor

This wonderful solar powered Christmas light illuminates during night, ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, lawn, yard etc.

Long working time, it can constantly work more than 8 hours at night if the panel absorbs enough sunshine during day.

Easy to install, and works great if charged to the capacity.

With built-in NI-MH battery, this string light is totally waterproof; it can still work in the rainy or cloudy day if the sunlight is not available.

Product: 21 feet long string lights
Run-time: 6-8 hours of working
Pro: Looks so adorable string of daisies in purple color
Con: When it get old it looks much dimmer than the brand new ones
Number of LED: 50 white LEDs

Finally Incur Creativity Credit

Creating a lively and uplifting atmosphere in your garden does not have to be costly. It only demands making the right choice and homeowner’s creativity.

Looking at the disadvantageous there isn’t big issues, which in our opinion, keep you away from buying solar powered Christmas lights, their advantages are easily overtake their disadvantageous.

So overall it’s a good decision to decorate your homes with solar powered light at this Christmas, you can enjoy embellishing your homes without the high cost from electricity consumption.