NexScene Solar LED Outdoor Lights Review

NexScene Solar LED Security LightNexScene LED Solar Powered Outdoor Lights is a perfect solution for creating long lasting light during the night.

This is a wireless light, all you have to do is just fit it on the wall, fence, gutter or any plan surface and it will start lighting up.

This light can be mounted on any plan surface with the screws and anchors which are supplied with the product.

Place this light to direct sunlight so that it properly get charged. After fully charged it work up to about 8 hours or so. Its sensors are great and detects the day/night time easily.

Once it detect that its dark, it turns the light ON automatically and turn OFF when it detects the day time or when its battery fully utilized.

This light can illuminate any exterior area such as pathways, walkways and patios. It produces cool bright white light.

Though the size of the light is small but the light quality is pretty high, it comes in a beautiful design and when it glow it looks amazing. The light is less than a pound in weight.

The only issue we see where most of you may have a problem is that, you have to insert a key into the left hole to activate the light – this may be not a big deal but really confuses most of the people who bought it first time.

Some people have pointed out that sometimes after a good rain, the little push pin inside has to be reset and/or you must wait for the unit to dry out for a day to start working properly.

One more concern few people expressed is that, the light is continuously in ON mode (a low light) and bright up full when it detect some motions, thus socking up battery quickly.

Few people have also complaint that their units stop working after getting good initial working, but that is due to some manufacturing quality issue; specifically in the solar panel so make sure to check the item thoroughly before buying it.

NexScene Solar Security Light Specifications

  • 1 x solar powered LED light
  • 2 x rechargeable NI-MH battery
  • Dimensions: 4 3/4″ x 2 1/4″ (without bracket)
  • Voltage 2 volts
  • Wattage 0.2 watts
  • Average Battery Life 10 hours
  • Wall / gutter mount and screws
  • Eco friendly white ABS & white painted metal installation bracket can be used indoor & outdoor lighting, No wiring required
  • CE and ROHS certificated