Nite Guard Solar Powered Predator Control Flash Light Review

The Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light is the best option for you to buy if you are getting animals coming into your garden and scaring/killing your pet animals and to keep away the herd of deer or other flock that feasting on your landscaping.

Nite guard solar predator control light work without the need of electricity thus do not need any wiring.

Just install and place the light anywhere you like, but make sure it get some direct Sunlight to get charged. As they charged directly from Sun rays they don’t require any batteries to operate.

Nite Guard Predator Deterrent LightThe solar predator deterrent light automatically start flashing red at dusk and keep work throughout the night to escape the predators from area where the light is placed.

Normally animals fear of being discovered or watched which force them to escape from the flashlight area which is approximately around 500 yard or more.

It is used to protect poultry and livestock against wild and hunting animals such as fox, bear, wolf etc and even human intruders.

The Nite Guard predator deterrent light is weatherproof and can be installed anywhere in outdoor garden you don’t have to worry about any bad weather effects.

The Nite Guard solar predator control light’s life is approximately 3-4 years and if you properly take care of this, it can add more days to its life.

This solar predator deterrent light saved lot of poultry and chickens from whatever predator was getting them.

Some customers are really happy that they installed Nite Guard at their outdoor garden and they found no more dead chickens, and deer have stopped eating their landscaping, resulted in saving money which otherwise would have gone on unnecessary landscaping and lose of their pets.

We recommend anyone buying Nite Guard Predator Control Light first familiarize with the types of predators it frighten away and where to place the lights to scare off the type of predator coming into your yard.

That is most important step to install the light at the right place to get the best result of it.

Nite Guard solar flash light gives 2 months money back guarantee as well as 1 year warranty.

The light built for outdoor thus its durable and can easily face minus zero temperature, blazing heat, rain and blowing dust will not compromise the nightly function of Solar Powered Nite Guard.

Specifications of Nite Guard Predator Deterrent Light

    • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches
    • Weight: 1 pounds
  • No switches, Light sensitive turning ON at dusk and turning OFF at full daylight
  • Item is also available for shipping to selected countries outside the U.S.
  • Weatherproof
  • 60-day money back guarantee, 1-year limited warranty