10 Best Environment Blogs Every Green Lover Should Read

Environment-BlogsWith the rise in industry and production companies all around the world, we are witnessing drastic climate changes. This change directly relates to an ecological system and nature.

Many people are trying to bring this awareness to people.

However, we either are ignoring them or not ready to agree with their thoughts.

In this article, you scout and found some of the well known and respected environmental blogs that not only creating awareness in the people about the nature but also doing great work by creating great initiative for saving the earth.

List of 10 Best Environmental Blogs to follow in 2024

1. TreeHugger

TreeHugger is one of the nature-loving media outlet, which is working towards creating awareness among people. It mainly concentrates on the sustainability mainstream news. They bring you all the news related to the planet crisis, energy utilization, and construction material methods, effects of climate on animals, changes in the atmosphere, Eco-friendly products, and many more things.

They also work towards helping people to live a better life away from pollution and ecological imbalance. They provide up to date info on the science, living, technology, environmental business, slideshows,and energy-related articles.

2. Inhabitat

The inhabitat is a detailed web blog, which completely dedicating time for tracking of advanced innovations, future of the design industry, practices in the technology, material, and methods used in the home designing process. and it deals with the architecture that is implemented to push the present life towards the secure, more sustainable and the smarter living.

It provides ready to treat and understand content for its just to understand the climate changes, issues with new technology, their advantages and new studies that affect the love of inhabitants of this world.

3. NYTimes

Who does not know about the New York Times (or NYTimes)? It is one giant media outlet when it comes to news. They do handle all kinds of news including climate. Their primary focus is on the politics, health, technology, arts, climate, sports, business and many more things.

As this is a news agency in the USA, it covers all the major political moves of the government towards the environment, climate and the technology used to find the right way to pollution free life. They cover everything from simple plans of climate remedy to the adverse effects of global warming.

4. GreenBiz

What is the financial value of ecological system balancing? No one knows. However, with the increase in sustainable energy and the infrastructure in the cities we can bring a balance in the ecological system. The GreenBiz covers all these things to provide a well-understood and written content to its user.

They deal with business, the climate in cities, usage of energy and sustainability along with the advancement of technology. With its newsletter and articles, it helps in peer-to-peer study and research of the world climate, industry, growth and economic issues related to it.

5. Clean Technica

The technology also affects the climate and ecological balance. With the increase in the multi-processing in the oil industry, there is a rise in carbon dioxide omission. The CleanTechnica is working towards creating awareness in the minds of people regarding the use of electric cars, renewable energy, sustainable methods, solar-powered vehicles, house appliances and benefits of all these 100% pollution free methods.

It is working hard towards educating the people on advantages of renewable energies like wind, solar, hydro power, geothermal, and effects of nuclear power. They provide a detailed review of pollution-free vehicles along with the innovation in the electric vehicles.

6. Climate Reality Project

Amidst all the toxic waste dumping, nuclear emissions, global warming and industrial power, we see few people standing against these atrocities. They are ClimateRealityProject. The climate crisis 101 projects deal with these things in the very deep way. They not only concentrate on creating the awareness but also on bringing these ideas and projects into the reality.

These people are working on different projects to bring revolution to stop planet abuse and control the climate. By doing this, you will increase the ecological balance. However, the process is very hard. They even provide free e-book and toolkit for the purpose. They cover every topic on climate and working towards climate reality projects.

7. EcoFriend

Eco-friendly is a well-built beautiful website deals with the Eco-friendly habits like the food habits, energy utilization, technology, wave and tidal energy and the transportation. The light and the struggle should start from the home. You need to give your contribution towards keeping this planet clean, safe and healthy.

How can you do that?

This website will provide the detailed and useful information on the food habits everyone should implement in their life. It also provides information on the use of wind energy and transportation. The content is written in an excellent matter. The tips, guides,and suggestions will make you move towards the Eco-friendly life.

8. Climate Action

Climate action program is a climate blog, which is a partner of United Nations Environment Program. They concentrate on climate changes and creates different projects to counter the adverse effects of climate and the process to control it. They believe in action rather than just speak or the text.

They want to build a bridge between industries, business, people and the environment to build a pollution free world. The concentration on sustainability stream has led them to different projects. It brings you detailed contents on sustainable energy, smart cities, carbon reduction, technology, innovation, missions, agriculture and the transportation.


Many people are trying hard to fight the system. Are we with them? Are we with them with our actions? You need to think and start to raise awareness in people along with bringing change in ourselves. These nature lovers are doing the work. Let us join them to build a sustainable pollution free environment and climate.