Landscape Lighting: Things Every Homeowner Should Know About

Landscape GuideLandscape lighting is one effective way to uplift the current state of an individual. In fact, an individual feeling stressed or wary of something can feel delighted and relieved with a picturesque landscape. With this, creating an enchanting and mesmerizing scene demands more than just regular illuminations.

For many people, landscape lighting is an art only that, it does not work on a canvass but on a real masterpiece of nature. Although landscape can be already a work of art, it may not be visible during night time. Thus, deeming the need for artistically and skillful mind.

For many individuals especially the beginners, landscape lighting is quite daunting and tricky.

For this reason, many opt on hiring veterans on this field while posing their financial resources to high financial loss. However, if you are individual well-off to accept the challenge, there are available guidelines that can help you achieve the breath-taking landscape you dream of at night.

Where to Buy Landscape Lighting

There are lots of places to find and buy the landscaping lights online based on ones requirement and budget, you can buy them from most popular online stores like Amazon, eBay, Home Depot etc.

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Landscape Lighting – Step 1: Determine the Goal for the Lighting Project

Before working with your landscape, it is important to determine first your goal. This venture is not simply more on placing lights as you desired. Instead, it depends on the purpose or goal it may serve. Once the goal is determined, other steps will just be facilitated with lesser complications. Nonetheless, here are some of the goals of landscape lighting.

Improve the aesthetic:

This is the common reason why landscape lighting is deemed. It is undeniable that landscape features can be noticeable during day time, but not when night falls. At this point, many property homeowners opt for this lighting venture to have the best features of their property visible at night. Furthermore, there are landscape features that can be accentuated during night time making it more magnificent and exceptional.


Lights installed in the property serve a purpose depending on the area. There are some parts of the land that can cater special occasions such as romantic dates and parties. Since it holds various events, lighting needs also differ.

Security and Safety Lighting:

Landscape lighting is not only intended for the purpose of beautification. As a matter of fact, having lights on a property merits the household with a sense of security and safety. At this point, illumination has to be carefully planned.

Landscape Lighting – Step 2: Lighting Options

One crucial part in landscape lighting is the kind of light to be used. From a myriad of options, solar-powered lights are the best choice. In fact, it is incomparable to regular incandescent bulb and is far more efficient and effective from electrical lights.

In terms of cost, solar lighting render great savings regardless of the number of illumination that light up the whole property. Savings is assured during use since homeowners do not have to pay for the energy that their lights consumed. It is because the source is free and completely renewable.

However, to completely realize this great advantage, homeowners will have to pay a bit higher cost for the solar lighting system. At this point, amount will vary depending on the model, kind, and number of solar-powered lights to be installed in the property.

Apart from remarkable financial savings, efficiency and durability is another thing that solar lighting can offer. It has the edge over incandescent bulbs in terms of brightness and lifespan because Light Emitting Diodes (LED) bulbs are used.

Consequently, these bulbs emit brighter lights while only using small amount of energy. Furthermore, lifespan is longer that tantamount to 100,000 hours of use in comparison to 1,000 hours that of incandescent bulbs.

Finally, solar lighting offers ease of installation. There are no wires or cables that would require technical knowledge on electrical system. Even with just an average Joe, solar lights can be in their proper places. Furthermore, the ease of installation also warrant homeowners quick changes if there are any plans on home improvement. Transfer of lights is quite easy since they can be removed with ease.

With all that are said on the exceptional points of solar lighting, here are some of the illuminating devices that can be used with landscape lighting.

Flood Lights:

These are solar lights intended to illuminate wide expanses that have trees or stonework. Check these best selling flood/spot lights.


Lanterns are exquisite lighting right to the entry area. During selection, make sure that it is proportionate to the height and width of the area. Furthermore, it should be shielded or covered with frosted glass to prevent glare. Here is the list of best 10 solar lantern.

Path Lights:

As the name implies, these devices can be used to light up walkways. In-ground lights. The in-ground lights are embedded on the ground to illuminate fence, tree, or wall from an angled perspective. Check our top picks for solar path lights with review.

Spot Lights:

The spot lights work by highlighting an object in your garden such as a statue or a tree.

Landscape Lighting – Step 3: Follow Landscape Lighting Principles

Just like any other home improvement routines, landscape lighting also has a set of guidelines to follow to ensure exceptional output. On this phase, the only requirement is to have a critical eye on what looks best and does not. Hence, one should have the inclination for designing and arts.


As mentioned earlier, landscape lighting is an art. Therefore, a designer should enable to make a visual sense out of what the nature had already presented. This means that you have to unravel the beauty of the property during night time and improve those that are barely noticeable. To have this fulfilled, make use of lighting devices and shadow to highlight key and architectural landscape features.


Incorporating this principle can bring a dynamic appeal to the landscape. To better understand this guideline, it refers to the selective illumination of the property areas. Hence, you do not have to bring everything to light.

Balance and Symmetry:

To bring out intrinsic beauty, you will need to find something in the landscape area that is bound to be symmetrical in nature. This means, it has an exact correspondence of the opposite. Nonetheless, examples of which are bushes, stones, or frames. Once you found these, you can have them artistically illuminated.

Focal Points:

Lighting has its shares to bring into view the points of visual interest. It makes a particular object noticeable and highly appreciated. Moreover, having focal points facilitate viewers to see other objects such as trees, garden beds, and statues.


In this principle, lights have to be placed while taking into consideration the viewer’s location. By effectively putting lighting devices on its respective places, it can illuminate the whole area while catering the viewer’s interest and lighting needs.

Light Quality:

The quality of light plays an important role in the portrayal of visual features. At this point, you should determine the kind of lighting that you would want to present in your area. Inclusions to these are subtle and dramatic lighting. Nevertheless, these effects can be achieved by changing the directions of light, placement of the device, and control on its brightness.

Landscape Lighting – The Picture Perfect Landscape

Without a doubt, setting up a landscape masterpiece is quite demanding. It entails creativity in almost every aspect just to bring out its intrinsic beauty at night. Hence, working on the principles of landscape lighting and selecting the right illuminating devices is the key to be successful on this venture.