Pros and Cons of using Solar Powered Light for Landscaping

landscape-lightingAlthough Solar Lights are not currently the best option for lighting a landscape effectively, slowly but surely it’s getting better and better with newer technologies and products design. Compared to the traditional lighting products LED solar lights are more energy-efficient thus its getting the traction now.

Lighting can be one of the most essential aspects of landscape design, buts it’s often ignored. Landscape lighting is not simply shining some direct light at a pathway or up a tree. There are some professional techniques for creating feel good environment with lights. Properly planned and designed outdoor lighting allows you to highlight important points of your garden and hide the ugly ones. Garden lighting can also be used to improve safety and security of your home, to highlight special trees or plantings, and even to create a festive environment for outdoor amusement.

Solar Powered Landscape Lights serve a number of needs, for example

  • At can be useful at night while you walk down a flagstone path
  • You can arrange small parties, get to gather and festivals
  • You can spend time relaxing with your children, family member etc
  • It can be used to put off the burglars and intruders
  • Setting up landscape lights are not an easy task, you need hire a professionals to set it up or at least need their expert tips for lighting different areas of landscape, which lights to choose, which places needs to be highlighted and which needs to be hidden etc.

Choosing the fixture styles and functions are the fun part of your landscape lighting plan. This is the area where you can really get creative, creating different light effects in your garden with lights, where the best places are to put lights etc. This instructional list of tips will walks you through the different steps you should follow while landscaping.

Tips for choosing & Installing Solar Garden Lights

  • First tips is always try to purchases best lights, don’t look for cheap instead look for quality, normally these lights are relatively inexpensive
  • Hide the light source with natural mask such as scrub, stones, and branches etc
  • Use solar powered landscape lights fixtures made to look like landscape objects
  • Don’t over-lighting outdoor area because there is no need to illuminate each and every corner of your landscape
  • While installing solar garden lights low to the ground, avoid any obstructions to the beam, it will avoid shine on objects you are trying to illuminate and do the opposite if you want shadow effects
  • Lighting trees in the background of a forested area creates silhouettes in the foreground, an up lighted hedge behind a shrub or tree will do the same
  • Spot and highlight the main places where the party will be happening and all people are gathering there and avoid glare at that place
  • Sometimes you need to Highlight architectural features like pillars or columns so the home and landscape feel integrated

There are some cons which we want you to be aware of before you decide to install solar powered garden lights:

  • Quality of Light – solar lights does not have the bright light that LED and halogen lights can provide, and they are not long last. No matter how you care, the batteries, wiring and other parts give out after a year or two
  • Ugly fixtures – manufacturers of solar lights haven’t yet made them available with long-lasting, beautifully-made fixtures
  • Unsupported climate – in an area where there is not much sun, solar lights may not function six months of the year. This can make solar lights ineffective for shady locations or in overcast climates
  • There are some brands producing solar power lights but not as much compare to conventional lights, so you do not have much to choose from

Hope these professional tips will help you learn about landscape lighting and make informed decisions when you’re working on setting up your own landscaping project.

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