Top 10 Best Solar Powered Lamp Post for Outdoor Decor

A Solar powered lamp post light is a portable light fixture which contains adjustable LED lamp, a solar panel, and a rechargeable battery. Using solar lamp post is a great way to add beauty and lights to your home. This will not only enhance beauty of your house & surroundings but also add security and safety to your home.

These lights come in unique design with a large variety of style and material. Most of them are made up of durable plastic and LEDs. It doesn’t need wiring thus making it easy to install anywhere you want and can be moved easily.

There are various kinds of solar lamp posts, one such is example is of an automatic solar lamp post, that is automatically recharge during the day time, absorb the required Sun light & turn the light ON at evening and remain illuminated overnight. The solar lamp-posts are mostly used to mark walkway, a sidewalk or the areas around swimming pool etc.

Top Solar Powered Lamp Post Light based on Rating & Performance

Solar Powered Lamp PostGama Sonic Solar Lamp Post With Planter Base 77 Inches Height
1 Led Lantern
Check Price
Solar Powered Lamp PostGama Sonic Royal Bronze Finish Lamp Post87 Inches Height
1 Led Lantern
Check Price
Solar Powered Lamp PostParadise Cast Aluminum Streetlight Style1 Led LanternCheck Price
Solar Powered Lamp PostKendal Black Color Lamp Post111 Inches Height
2 Head Led Lanterns
Check Price
Solar Powered Lamp PostXepa Lamp Post with Motion Detection42 inches tall
1 LED Lanterns
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Solar Powered Lamp PostXepa Motion Sensors Lamp-Post77 Inches Tall
1 Led Lantern
Check Price
Solar Powered Lamp PostSolar Vintage Outdoor Adjustable Lamp Post70 Inches Height
4 White LED
Check Price
Solar Powered Lamp PostTrans Globe Pole Light96 Inch Height
3 Led Lanterns
Check Price
Solar Powered Lamp PostTruepower Solar Lamp Post with 3 Height Options3, 4 Or 5 Ft Height
1 Led Lantern
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There are many manufactures out there who manufacture these lamp-posts, the well known name are Gama Sonic, XEPA, and Paradise etc. The lamp-post comes in various features and designs; you have a whole range of lights when it comes to purchasing one for your garden decoration.

This market is really developing; we’re bringing you the most established models here. While it might be appealing to getting a unit that is expensive or recently produced we’d rather see people getting a model that has been around, and they’ll have a great experience.

We’ll keep this page updated as new models comes in and get a high customer rating and prove their place here on the best solar power lamp post page. For now the items below you can’t go wrong and are highly rated

Below are some of the main features that almost all of the above items have:

Features of Solar Lamp Posts

  • Most of the above listed items are turn On and Off automatically
  • Are designed to work during night some of them even stay lit for more than one night if the Sun is not available for a day or two
  • Can be installed in stormy regions & are generally equipped with flat panels to better cope with the winds
  • New and Latest designs use wireless technology for better battery management & long lasting results

Most vital thing to keep in mind while buying a lamp post is the design of the lamp, as its key to select a style that meets and fits in your particular need, so choose the one which best suits for your taste and budget.